Information & Communications Technology

ITProfessor Services

  • Website & On-Line Shop Development & Hosting
  • Specialising in open source software solutions
  • VOIP Telephony
  • Business Systems Analysis
  • Business Process Analysis

ITProfessor Servers

  • High quality, high capacity machines with redundancy built in and dedicated high speed data connections.
  • Companies limiting disk/db/email etc are going for Quantity not Quality, ITProfessor does not limit email addresses, databases, disk etc.
  • ITProfessor has a small loyal client base who value a High Quality Service.
  • I may not offer the cheapest services, but, "If you think a professional is expensive, wait until you hire an amateur".

ITProfessor VOIP

  • Replacing your current Analogue system with Voice Over Internet Protocol will reduce your phone bill by about 50%.
  • An Analogue line costs at least $40 per month. A VOIP line is very unlikely to exceed $10 per month.
  • VOIP voice quality is far superior to Analogue and Mobile services.
  • If you have a good Internet connection you can switch to VOIP with no service interruption.
  • VOIP can run on your Smart Phone, your Computer and Handset.
  • 1 phone number, everywhere, with as many extensions and features as you require.

ITProfessor Solutions

  • Where a software solution is required, ITProfessor defaults to Open Source software.
  • Open Source software is more secure and of a higher quality than proprietary software. It is peer reviewed in the open, not behind closed doors.
  • ITProfessor only uses proprietary software when a client mandates its use or an Open Source alternative is not available.
  • Work with you from the ground up.
  • Analyse your needs very carefully.
  • What you want & what you need.
  • Innovative solutions grounded in experience.

Who is ITProfessor?

  • Information & Communications Technology for over 25 years.
  • Clients in Australia, the UK, the USA, and the Middle East ranging from local plumbers to multinational telcos.
  • Roles ranging from programmer to project director
  • Exposure to a multitude of different business types, sizes, functions, cultures and technologies.

Matthew Taylor
B.Comp (Information Management) G.Dip (Project Management)
ITProfessor Pty Ltd
ABN: 43107819938

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